Gloria Trevi At The Staples Center Los Angeles

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You can catch Gloria Trevi At The Staples Center Los Angeles On 6/3/2017

Gloria Trevi is a singer and songwriter hailing from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Born on the 15th of February 1968, Trevi is one of the biggest names in Mexican music, selling over 20 million records worldwide.

“Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop” may seem hyperbolic when one first hears it, especially considering it was a term coined by VH1 of all things. However, when it comes to Gloria Trevi, it’s a perfect fit. There aren’t many musicians alive who have the type of influence and reach that she does, with many of her studio albums reaching number one on her native Mexico’s album charts.

By the looks of it, this was Trevi’s plan all along. Her life in music began when she was twelve, when she left the town of Monterrey, where she was born, to pursue a career in Mexico City.

By 1985 she’d met her manager Sergio Andrade, and had joined a girl group called Boquitas Pintadas. The group was over quickly, only lasting 3 years before splitting, but the year after that happened, Trevi’s debut solo album came out. “¿Qué Hago Aquí?” (What am I Doing Here) and was an immediate smash, eventually selling two million copies and scoring a number one single in the form of “Dr. Psiquiatra”.

You can catch Gloria Trevi At The Staples Center Los Angeles On 6/3/2017

Trevi was quickly being described as the Mexican Madonna, and not just for her sexually provocative image. She often talks and sings of the social issues that made up the day to day life of many in her home country and around the world, from homelessness, to prostitution, drug trafficking and violence against women. She became an icon to millions in a really short period of time.

Her career in music and film blossomed but in 2000 she, Andrade and backup singer Maria Raquenel Portillo were arrested on charges of corrupting minors. Come 2004 she was released from prison and was immediately back in the studio.

“Cómo Nace El Universo”, the resulting album, was another number one smash that put her career right back on track. Hers is a career and in a lot of ways, a life, that only the strong could make it through, and in Gloria Trevi we have an artist who can face those challenges, survive and still create the best music of her life. We’re all better off to have her around, and if the chance to see her perform arises we urge you to take it.

You can catch Gloria Trevi At The Staples Center Los Angeles On 6/3/2017