Hall and Oates At The Staples Center

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Catch Hall and Oates At The Staples Center July 28th and 29th

Hall & Oates are a pop-rock duo from Philadelphia, U.S., formed in 1970. The band has released 18 full-length albums that have spanned their remarkable 40 year career.

The sensational duo met when separately performing at a band competition in Philadelphia, Hall together with his band The Temptones, and Oates along with his band The Masters. Weirdly enough gunfire rang out from two rival gangs and seeking safety, the pair jumped into a service elevator, and it didn’t require much time for the duo to realise their similarities and their joint attendance at Philadelphia’s Temple University. The duo then shared a number of apartments together and the name was inspired by “Hall & Oates” which was written on their mailbox.

Around this time the pair got the attention of Tommy Mottola, who became their manager and secured a contract with Atlantic Records. The first releases of Hall & Oates show an ironing out of their sound, finding out what worked and what didn’t and defining themselves by that sound, which drew from folk, soul, rock and pop influences. Working with producers Arif Mardin and Todd Rundgren on the early albums “Whole Oates” (1972), “Abandoned Luncheonette” (1973), and “War Babies” (1974) they removed many of the folk elements, and despite big name producers the band achieved on limited commercial success.

Catch Hall and Oates At The Staples Center July 28th and 29th

The late ‘70s brought a more rock-incorporated style into Hall & Oates’ blue-eyes soul, nevertheless the new sound didn’t pay off until the duo’s heyday from 1980-1985, where the band enjoyed its greatest commercial and artistic success. In April 1984 the Recording Association of America announced that Hall & Oates were the most successful duo in rock history, surpassing The Everly Brother by earning a total of 19 platinum and gold awards. Songs like their biggest hit single “Maneater”, “Private Eyes” and “You Make My Dreams” ensured the pair remained close to the top of the charts and increased in popularity.

The band then went on to release another handful of albums with varying success and continue to tour to the day. Hall & Oates have released a mind-boggling 18 full-length studio albums, 11 live albums and have a no less than 27 ‘greatest hits’ albums, compiling their best songs. In 2014 the duo were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Catch Hall and Oates At The Staples Center July 28th and 29th